Women Of The World Compilation (Inner Ocean Records)

From the first deeply filtered notes of Sadiva’s intro track all the way to the sublimely chill sample India On Da Track drops to lead us out, Women of the World Compilation is a nonstop treat. The strongest accomplishment is how the compilation seamlessly brings together 29 producers from around the world.

Usually when I see more than 10 producers on an album, compilation or not, I brace myself for rough patches and some straight up bad music, but the progressive programming of all these producers really fits. Soul samples give way to straight synth filth, and flutter back to boom bap, before returning to silky smooth samples, along the way the compilation drops in some house music, 80’s synth jams, trap/type beats, and straight up chillwave.

The production, and mixing and mastering, on the tracks is what helps the album stay interesting throughout its hour long (really hour and four minutes) journey. Everything is balanced, sounds float in and out but don’t seem to fight for your attention, they land right, every time. What you won’t find here is overuse of effects, aggressive production, or annoying (read: terrible) attempts at free-jazz type drums. This is an expert trip into restrained sampled use, effects used as production support, chilled out, and cleverly programmed drums, often sparse and loose ala Dilla, at other times booming and bapping just right, and on several tracks the music is surrounded with beautiful atmospherics – birds, flowing water, wind.

Standout tracks include Limbo – “I said No”; eevee – “flaws”; Yonderling – “Morning Mist”; IDHAZ – “Breakbeat Tubby”; DJ Imperial – Mash & Groovy”. All in all go treat yourself to this incredible compilation debut. I am pretty sure there will be more and they’re just getting warmed up.

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