Vacationland – Ass Jazz

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Another few months have gone by and it’s time to take a relaxing good-vibey trip to VACATIONLAND where the beer is cheap and whiskey is served neat. Unless you prefer rocks, in which case, you only live twice and this is vacation-culture. Do whatever you want, amibro. Whether you’re sitting by a toasty fire in a modest TGIF-style condo with old ski gear on the walls reading your favorite arts & culture mag/blog, serving vegan apps (plenty of EVOO) at a dinner party, or getting down with all your buds on a Friday night – you know that you’re going to need some Ass Jazz. What is Ass Jazz exactly? It’s music to your ears, it’s the feeling of a sun-shower after a month-long drought, it’s crop-dusting on the dance-floor. Shake that thing! Make it rain!

Seriously though, the tracks in this mix are beyond solid. You’re going to love it.

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