Vacationland #29 – Assiette De Fromage

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You said you’ve worked on this thing 8 months, doesn’t it ever concern you that people won’t like it?

Yeah that’s a big concern, yeah. And it happens, you know, you get a little of each. I think from the artist’s perspective, it’s never as – probably as, nice as it seems to other people, or as bad, you know. You get some good things from every project you do.

Why is it called “Assiette De Fromage,” autobiographical?

To an extent, yeah. It’s kind of a general statement, really, about-

About your attitude now?

I think so, yeah.

Always a good look to the future?

I think so, especially, you know after so many albums, or so many years doing things, you definitely realize you’re still here, you’re still alive.

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