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This podcast is for the sports fans. We open the show with the NFL and the Josh Norman situation: Is he out of position? Overpaid? Then we talk about the best of the young quarterbacks in the league (aka Goff vs. Wentz) [6:00]; Belichick getting it done; Darrelle Revis; and the best receivers in the league. [14:00] We also pour one out for Jameis Winston ( [18:00]. We then shift gears to the NBA [20:45] and go into the stories of the upcoming season. We dive into Dwight Howard and the Atlanta Hawks: Will they change their system to fit new personal? Then we turn to the Chicago Bulls [25:00]: Whose team is it? Was bringing in new coach Fred Hoiberg last year a good move? We move on to the Washington Wizards: Do John Wall and Bradley Beal have issues with each other? [28:00] We round out the Eastern conference with the Milwaukee Bucks and Black Porzingis! We then turn [31:00] to the Western Conference and talk about whose up next for the San Antonio Spurs; the Minnesota Timberwolves and their ceiling [33:00]; and the Portland Trail Blazers and if they will evolve into a consistent playoff team. We then spotlight Carmelo Anthony and James Harden, and the questions surrounding these stars going into the season [35:00]. Lastly, we talk about NBA League Pass and give you the best games for the first half of the season [39:00]. We close with some King of TV and the Emmys [52:00]. All that plus Antonio Brown, business Romo, the Betrayal Bowl and graphic packages. Go for it!

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