Th’ Mole – Do Not Be Afraid


Remember Th’ Mole? He used to broadcast his “Magical Bass” show right here on Brooklyn Radio. During his absence from radio, he has worked on his new album “Do Not Be Afraid” which was just released on November 11, 2011.

What it sounds like? Hard to say, Th’ Mole is hopping between musical styles, record labels, costumes, and even stage names (see The Mole, DJ 0.000001, Captain Daydream, etc.), it seems that his only dedication is to innovation. The wide range of themes running through his new album include magic, sex, death, surveillance, and motivation, to name a few, while the music includes elements of nearly every genre known to man, from Chinese folk to dubstep. And yes the chartbreakers “Go Horsie” and “I Love Unicorns” are on the album too!

Do Not Be Afraid is available for previewing and ordering at and

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