Take Berlin – Lionize EP


The story of Take Berlin is about chance. In the winter of 2011, Jesse pulled a beat-up, old cassette deck from a pile of snow in Brooklyn. A few months later, at a festival on the Baltic Sea, he met Yvonne, who was performing with soul legends Gwen McCrae and Ann Sexton. The two met briefly backstage but quickly lost sight of each other again. A few weeks later in Glasgow, Jesse and Yvonne crossed paths again. This time they hung out after the show and would stay up all night, sharing stories of their lives back in Brooklyn and Berlin. One year and half dozen trips across the Atlantic later, Take Berlin has finished their debut EP Lionize by stirring up an emotional and lyrical stew with an acoustic guitar and Wurlitzer as the main ingredients. All songs were recorded in a modest Brooklyn apartment and tracked directly to the discarded tape deck…

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