Strange VIP – No Future EP


NYC based Trouble & Bass put out another dark release: The No Future EP contains five tracks by Strange VIP, the production alias of T&B crewmember The Captain 666. As Strange VIP, he combines his background in the East Coast hardcore scene, his love of black metal and horror/Sci-Fi movies and his obsession with modern-day rap and R&B into a haunting future hiphop vision that’s strictly for the possessed. The standout track here is definitely the X-Files sampling “Funeral at Skyland Mountain”. Also check out our interview with him below the Soundcloud player:

We managed to get a 4 minutes and 27 seconds long time-slot in Strange VIP busy schedule and got to ask him some questions:

3 facts about the new EP?

1. These tunes were made over a year ago.
2. I sampled one of my favorite television shows, a few of my favorite movies and one of my favorite bands
3. I only drank AMP energy drinks during the recording process

3 new producers/artist to watch in 2013 and why?

1. Lucid, not exactly new but he’s from Australia, not sure if he’s been over to the states before, but he’s making really amazing and fun bassy trap sounds and just gave away a free EP. Huge fan.
2. Tara Chacon, singer/songrwriter and good friend living in Brooklyn, I’m helping her finish her first single. Beautiful voice and amazing vibe.
3. Lucent, new release coming out on Trouble & Bass this year. Young kid from UK, Sounds like a mix of old T&B styles and DJ Zinc and some crazy UK bass, pretty bonkers.

Last physical record you bought?

Howard the Duck Soundtrack

Piracy or Spotify?

Listen to my tunes on spotify so I can get that .0001 cent per play Strange VIP – No Future EP

3 Things To Do In An Airport When The Flight Is Delayed

1. Steal an overpriced water from a magazine/snack shop
2. Get into a fight with a TSA agent
3. Order a strabucks drink and give a funny name.

What’s typical Brooklyn?

Getting coffee or having brunch, going to a parties at illegal spaces that have wonky sound systems and attended by a mix of every type of person you can imagine. Listening to hot 97 driving over the williamsburg bridge

Any new projects or releases on the horizon?

A few collaborations and finishing that single for Tara Chacon!

The End…

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