Seasick Mama x Walking Shapes “Lost” (Frank Ocean Cover)

Brooklyn based record label No Shame released a music video from Seasick Mama x Walking Shapes covering Frank Ocean’s “Lost“. We caught up with Seasick Mama and asked her a few questions:

Besides this Frank Ocean song you also covered Tom Waits’ “Going Out West”. How do you select songs to cover?

Usually I just choose songs that make me feel good and I connect with the words. Most of the time these songs my friends ask me to cover. I like when the are confident with their requests.

One artist you can’t stop listening to at the moment…

Kendrick Lamar

Last physical record you bought?

The Dead Weather

What’s typical Brooklyn?

Bands that make her dance.

Any new projects or releases on the horizon?

Dead Like Money EP out on February 19th, EDM record out sometime in May. Hopefully a Playboy cover.

Going Out West (Tom Waits) Music Video from Seasick Mama on Vimeo.

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