Oonops Drops – Wax’ Talk Episode 6

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From this day »Oonops Drops« is a record label now. So let’s hang out for a little wordplay session with three of the artists on his label. His guests for the sixth episode of »Wax’ Talk« are Toshi from Japanese Jazz trio Nautilus, rapper Andy Cooper and producer Shin-Ski from Japan who have the chance to choose words from three blocks with different topics. One block is about music and dj-culture, one about statements and the last one about feelings and characteristics. Afterwards they combine words from these three groups including six words each to build a little story thereof.

Enjoy and have a look at Oonops‘ Bandcamp shop.

Please visit your host Oonops on Mixcloud and FacebookAndy Cooper on Facebook, Toshi on Nautilus Music and Facebook and Shin-Ski on Bandcamp and Instagram.

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