Oonops Drops – Midnight Ease

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In this episode Oonops takes you on a journey through a starry night with a careful vinyl selection of calming tunes. ‘Midnight Ease’ aims to be a timeless mixtape for any avid and discernable listener while late night cruising, slowing down or just daydreaming. This time Oonops hooks up with Nostalgia 77 who serves an exclusive guest mix for this show. Expect some jazzy delicacies! But now: enjoy and slow down!”

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Visit Oonops here & here. And check out Nostalgia 77!


01 Funky DL – Takings Of Tokyo
02 Coldcut – Autumn Leaves
03 Tosca – Chocolate Elvis (Baby Mammoth Graceland Dub)
04 Hint – Quite Spectacular
05 Alexandre Desplat & Mark Mothersbaug – The Heroic Weather Conditions Of The Universe, Part 2: Smoke / Fire
06 Aim – Hinterland
07 Quantic – Time Is Enemy
08 Jazz Liberatorz – Slow Down
09 Esbjörn Svensson Trio – Galgarin’s Point Of View
10 Mechanical Me – Beachy Head (Bonobo Mix)
11 Bugge Wesseltoft, Henrik Schwarz, Dan Berglund – Valiant
12 DJ Vadim – USSR Reconstruction (Jamie Hodge Mix)


13 George Braithe – Our Blessings
14 Nostalgia 77 – When Love Is Strange
15 Nostalgia 77 & The Monster – Apple
16 Smokey Angle Shades – Mean To Me
17 Strange Faith – Muriel
18 Fiction Trio – What Is Life
19 Muriel Weston – A Song To Everyone In The World
20 Duke Pearson – Empathy
21 The Voices of Time – Solstice

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