Odd Okoddo – Catch This on a Rooftop

If you find yourself browsing around Awesome Tapes From Africa – at least once a week – then this nugget is probably for you. The project is called Odd Okoddo and features Kenyan singer / luthier Olith Ratego and German producer Sven Kacirek. It’s a 2 song (Okitwoye + remix) 7“ introduction to a full LP entitled Auma, which is set to drop in Autumn, courtesy of Pingipung Records.

The original is nice and loose and hella warm. It’s something that you would play out at an afterparty, preferably one set in a great outdoor location – a rooftop maybe? The groove is bass heavy and trance inducing in that repetitious Dub sort of a way. Olith’s voice also has this mesmerizing quality built into it as it coalesces into a series of rising and falling chants. The remix on the B-side was handled by Peter Power from Sao Paolo’s Voodoohop collective and, if anything, it streamlines the club potential of the tune. His version is still a slow burner, but a tad crispier than the original and with a really catchy synth spiral toward the end, like a micro sonic dose of LSD sprinkled on top. Do they take LSD in Sao Paulo these days and if so, how much?

We’re definitely looking forward to hearing the forthcoming record and if the rest of the tunes are anything like this, you best believe it’ll be on heavy rotation. For the Internet nerds out there: yes! Sven Kacirek is the same guy who collaborated with Shabaka Hutchings and Nils Frahm and also a bunch of other high profile heads as well.

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