Motion by Take Berlin

Here’s a teaser from the upcoming record by Brooklyn/Berlin based duo Take Berlin. On Schoharie, they revisit their nostalgic sound and shift towards the more psychedelic side of their lo-fi folk. The band often departs from their minimalist aesthetic, with drum machines racing alongside acoustic guitars, like the song Motion below.

The duo also enlisted friends from the William Onyeabor Atomic Bomb! band and Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings to fill out the rhythm section on the album.

When we ran into Take Berlin in an elevator recently, we fired off a few short questions and got some even shorter answers:

motion or stillness?

brooklyn or berlin?

city or country?
citountry – new word for the book !

hip hop or folk?
if it’s the stuff like back in the days i’ll go with hip hop!

thanks, bye ;P

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