MIXPAK & PUMA Dance Dictionary

PUMA has collaborated with Mixpak boss & top producer Dre Skull on this First Time new track featuring Megan James & Popcaan to launch the new Puma Dance Dictionary. The video features some of the best dancers in the world:

Freestylers: Storyboard P, Philip ‘Pacman’ Chbeeb, JaJa Vankova, King Charles, Justin ‘Jet-Li’ Valles, Ron ‘Prime Time’ Myles, Comfort Fedoke, Ricardo Fernades, ‘Tip-Toe’ and Mami Kanemitsu.
Dancehaller: Dionne Renee
Krumpers: Big Mijo, Worm and Darren ‘Outrage’ King

Be part of http://www.pumadancedictionary.com and buy Dre’s track now on iTunes.



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