Marie Joly – Lovin U (Gikus Nabakufunk Remix)

Our very own GiKu (Gibril Kuyateh) is not only creating some of the most creative and most popular shows on Mixcloud, but he’s also teamed up with Offering Recordings head honcho Boddhi Satva on the labels recent WMC Sampler 2013. The end result was a deep percussive filled track whose funky kick is as creative and out there as his online radioshow.

The beautiful vocals of Marie Joly’s “Lovin U” float eerily on top of his remixed production. GiKu said it’s only the beginning, as he has yet to reveal the secretive future projects that are in the works… but apparently he’s been holding back the real material till he was comfortable with the mixing/mastering process. “Now that I got it, at least have it to where I can do a mix the way I want comfortably… I can release the stuff I’ve been holding onto as well as delve deeper into sound”.

Whatever it is, it will be definitely be interesting to see his interpretation of sound, rhythm, and musical/arranging abilities.

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Update: GiKu is dropping an EP in late April/May entitled The Dancer In Me, which will feature 5 tracks that relate to his dancing and pays homage to the real house dancers around the world. 

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