Lukas Freeman – Roughlove EP


Meet Lukas Freeman, who cooks up dark electronic pop music like no other on his debut EP. When you talk to him, he references UK garage and Grime as his major influences, and describes a feeling so many people in New York had at the birth of Hip Hop:

(…) started with the pulse x and eskimo tunes and for the first time I was hearing emcee’s that sounded like me with similar mentalities as a teenager growing up.

After some emcee experience of his own in youth clubs and on pirate radio stations, he decided to focus on photography as a job within the thriving youth culture. He never lost his musical touch though:

I really want to make music that can pick out these similiar attitudes that my generation has had towards things and present it differently than hip hop or grime and feel more vulnerable and vague.

Enough words for now, give his music a spin and let us know what you think:

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