Kung Fu Bum (Trailer)


“After the brutal murder of his clan, Kung Fu Bum sets on for a quest for vengeance, but will vengeance be enough?”

Chopstick Graffiti Presents ..Kung Fu Bum! A independent short Film inspired by Kung Fu and classic Blaxploitation Films. KFB combines action, comedy, and epic storytelling for an amazing adventure! Starring BK rhymesayer K. Gaines and featuring small roles from Deep of the 2Hungry Bros and P.SO the Earth Tone King. K.Gaines and the 2 Hungry Bros are gearing up to release their collaborative album Rumspringa, The WildMan Chronicles. There will also be a screening of Kung Fu Bum Tuesday, August 20th at Tribeca Cinemas on 54 Varick St. Check out the Kung Fu Bum Trailer and join us Aug 20th to check out some Kung Fu Action!

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