JPTR is in the House

Over the last few years, Mouthwatering Records has managed to position itself as a heavyweight boutique label with a constant output and a solid international reach. For the lack of a better comparison, they are sort of a Swiss Tri-Angle Records. And like Tri-Angle, they specialise in cultivating a sound that blends a left-field, avant-garde approach to composition and sound treatment with a tasteful approach to pop. None of its acts sound alike, yet their drive to make ambitious, structurally tricky, yet still accessible music is definitely a common denominator. It’s worth noting that a lot of the artists signed to Mouthwatering Records are actually high level Jazz musicians, who chose to express themselves through electronic music.

The latest release on the label, the self titled debut album from a trio called JPTR (IKARU/drums & vocals, KIU/vocals & drums and IO/lyrics & all things visual) is almost like an avatar for a Mouthwatering manifesto. With no additional instrumentation beyond stripped down analog drums and a voice, the group managed to create a style that truly deserves to be called Avant Pop. Boyfriend, the track that we are premiering here today could just as easily be an American major label release – one of those good ones, of course! It’s modern in its minimalism, with a slight urban edge, a great beat and an sexy attitude wrapped in and served as a concentrated shot of addictive melodies.

Watch out for the record which is dropping this Friday. It might not always be easy listening, but once you get it, there’s just no way out.

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