Horrendous start for MTV’s Hottest MCs again


It’s that time of the year again for the most useless list ever: MTV’s Hottest MCs in the Game. One more year of people complaining that the list refers to “MCs”. One more year of people acting like MTV really has any grasp on today’s culture. If you haven’t followed the ranking from #6-#10, the here is your chance to catch up:

#6: Big Sean
#7: Kanye West
#8: ASAP Rocky
#9: Future
#10: Meek Mill

Say what?

Yeah, that’s exactly what Mr “I’m the #1 in everything”, Kanye West had to say. He called into DJ Enuffs show on Hot 97 to let off some steam. Truth be told, he was mad at coming in at #7, but he suggested that Lil Wayne should make #1 this year (say what?). Let’s be honest Kanye hasn’t had his strongest year in 2012, but the way MTV slaughtered his contributions to the G.O.O.D. Music compilation Cruel Summer wasn’t fair, so you can count on Ye having some choice words for MTV’s Brain Trust. In fact he puts Sway in his place, by telling everyone that he actually gave Sway his first television set(!?). Like that’s the most important argument, btu whatever. Listen to the entire call below:

Another person speaking up this year is none other than Harlem native A$AP Rocky. In true Kanye fashion he proclaims that he should be #1 On MTV’s Hottest MC’s, citing his influences on lyrical styles, fashion, etc as the main reasons. He’s abit all over the places, but if you compare him to people like Future and Meek Mill, he;s miles ahead of them, so we’re gonna leave it at that. Check the interview below:

Last but not least, Danny Brown just let a track loose ending all debate who the “Hottest MC” really is. The Detroit native hit Twitter this morning to state, “Fuck a top 10 list … n*gga im the Greatest Rapper Ever >>>>>” Enjoy his track #HottestMC below.

MTV will reveal the top 5 emcees in the coming days, but if you missed the “discussions” for places 6-10, check the next page and “enjoy”…

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