#HeavyRotation – Tiago Frúgoli Ensemble “Casa Remixes (Deluxe)”

Available on Fresh Selects!

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Via Fresh Selects – A double album full re-imagining of the 2019 debut from the São Paulo jazz outfit.

Flipping the script on our other Fresh Selects remix projects a bit – this one is split between Side A (tracks #1-7), which was curated by ourselves, and Side B (#8-14) by band-leader / producer Tiago Frúgoli, with both of us pairing some of our favorite artists and producers to re-interpret a different track from the original ‘Casa’ – ours being pulled mostly from other Fresh Selects artists and friends, and Tiago pulling from the roster of his own UKIYO Beat Tapes label.

You can also catch up on the original ‘Casa’ album here, available on both digital and CD: freshselects.bandcamp.com/album/casa

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