#HeavyRotation – Nautilus “Georgy Porgy / Let’s Stay Together” (Oonops Drops)

Japanese Jazz’n’Groove-trio Nautilus strikes back again with their first brand new release in 2024 which is a really special one, a label collaboration between Oonops Drops and their Japanese label Urban Discos (Diskunion). If you didn’t know, now you know.

About the songs: on the A-side you’ll get an incredible cover-version of Yacht Rock classic »Georgy Porgy« by Toto including features by UK-based vocalist and songwriter John Turrell – one half of the founders of Smoove & Turrell as well as German legend Toni-L, one of the founders of rap-formation Advanced Chemistry!
On the flipside is found another classic, a sweet cover version of Al Green’s »Let’s Stay Together«, best known from Quentin Tarantino’s movie Pulp Fiction and now new interpretated in Nautilus incomparable way featuring Japanese singer Keyco.

Only »Georgy Porgy« will be available as a download, please head over to Urban Discos to get »Let’s Stay Together« on their current album »A Story About You« here: diskunion.net/black/ct/detail/1008736644

The profits of this release will help us refinancing the tour which is taking place from the 26th July to the 11th August 2024. A new studio album is already in the pressing plant and will be released in a few months, so stay tuned. 🫶

Pressed loud and crispy on recycled vinyl, available on Bandcamp now! Be quick before they’re gone, no re-press!

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