#HeavyRotation – Soul Supreme “SSR45 003​/​004”

Via Bandcamp – The swing hits different. No wonder, when one reinterprets productions by a man whose name also defines a complete “post-Dilla” era. Soul Supreme heads deep into his music. Technically pre-Dilla, even, as five out of six tracks on this double-donut are originally produced as Jay Dee. But let’s not waste this space on nerding over names.

After reworking songs by the likes of A Tribe Called Quest & Madvillain and passing those tests with flying colours, this double-45 feels like Soul Supreme’s ultimate thesis. Dilla revisioned the idea of ‘groove’ like no other. That—naturally—shines through in Soul Supreme’s playing on these records.

It’s the type of heartfelt tribute that puts a smile on your face. A keyboardist’s loose take on how Dilla approached sampling: pushing songs into new frontiers and reimagined compositions, with an exceptional ear for harmony. True to the original yet different.
“Out with the old, in with the new.”

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