#HeavyRotation – Shine “As The Beauty Became”

Available now on Sunday Dinner Records!

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Via Bandcamp – Producer Shine has released a new album of fuzzy-textured soul instrumentals, As The Beauty Became, to prepare the world for a post-pandemic summer of fun. The veteran producer mixes the worlds of R&B, neo-soul, and jazz to create instantly-warming beats that bring happiness to anyone that will listen. It’s a throwback to the days of old, while also preparing us for the days ahead.

Across its 9 tracks, As The Beauty Became builds itself out of a foundation that grips nostalgia. Beats like “Rebirth,” “Trying,” and “Inward” seek a true lyricist with a microphone to grip the saddle and ride them through the night. With its barrage of hi hats, warm pianos, and rusty drums, As The Beauty Became is perfect to study for an exam to, or just ride through the city at night alone. Whatever you pick it for, you’ll find your soul at ease when you listen to it.

As The Beauty Became features two artists: Jurdan Bryant on “Still Learning,” and “Prayer” with Nappy Nina, which came out on April 2. They bring cool, muted voices that match the aesthetic that the beats create, fitting in for a matching creative touch.

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