#HeavyRotation – Krafty Smith “Krafty Smith EP” (Oonops Drops)

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Via Bandcamp – Krafty Kuts and DJ Robert Smith have teamed up to highlight the skills they are best at. Krafty Kuts is known for his unique beats from Hip Hop to Ghetto Funk. DJ Robert Smith on the other hand is famous for his scratches and turntable work. After Krafty passed on a few beats to DJRS about 2 years ago, Smith quickly realized that he wanted to create an EP from these beats with the help of his worldwide connections. The first song to receive rap vocals was “Here I Come” ft. Wildelux, who delivered in no time. The vision was strengthened and more feature requests followed: Supastition, 1773, BambuDeAsiatic and Slimkid3 who took Moonbeam Kelly on board. Within a very short time a masterpiece of first-class artists was created. The “Krafty Smith EP”!

Don´t Stop featuring 1773 & Katjuscha
1773 are Wisdm Uno & Jay Nagoma from Chicago. They have worked together with Ohmega Watts, Othello & Bombeardo and among others. Katjuscha is a friend of DJ Robert Smith circle of friends. She is an absolute singing talent with an incredibly insane ability to perform live on stage. What a voice!!!!

Hang On featuring Supastition:
Supastition is without a doubt one of the most talented underground rapper and beatproducer there is. His latest album “Every Last Word” and “Art Of Direspect” with his other project “Speaker Bullies” prove his rap and production skills, first-class entertainment.

This Fear featuring Slimkid3 & Moonbeam Kelly:
I think we don´t need to announce Slimkid3 of the legendary group The Pharcyde. He is the living legend and voice of 1,2 many Pharcyde songs we all can sing along. His songs in collaboration with DJ Nu-Mark, such as “I know, didn’t I feat. Darondo” are world famous. “This Fear” wouldn’t be a masterpiece without the incredible voice of Moonbeam Kelly, who was brought to this song via Slimkid. She is an outstanding singer with gangster and soul appeal. It’s simply beautiful to listen to her voice.

Here I Come featuring Wildelux:
Wildelux has worked on numerous albums and EPs as a producer over the last 15 years, and performed at shows across the UK and internationally during this time. His motto has always been quality over quantity. His latest album is called “The It Factor”.

Pen To The Paper featuring BambudeAsiatic:
BambuDeAsiatic is an emcee / producer, a veteran of the Atlanta, GA (USA) underground Hip Hop scene, and former member of the Atlanta based Hip Hop group, Collective Efforts.

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