#HeavyRotation – Jaubi “Figaro (Farewell MF DOOM)” feat. Latarnik

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Via Bandcamp – In April 2019, the last minutes at the Riot Studio in Lahore were filled with the sound of ‘Figaro’ from the classic Madvillain duo’s album. After the recording of Jaubi’s upcoming album ‘Nafs at Peace’, the musicians gathered in the studio and played this song spontaneously in the form of entertainment, which only proves that Madvillain were a huge inspiration for many artists from across the world.

Only one take was recorded in the studio. It would probably have been hidden in the Astigmatic Records archives to this day, if it wasn’t for the sudden death of one of the best MC’s in hip-hop history. A few days after this sad information, Latarnik (EABS) locked himself in his S151 Studio, working on the tracks recorded in Lahore. ‘Figaro’ in this form is a tribute to the late MF DOOM.

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