Geko Jones & Atropolis – Palenque Records Remixed


On June 25th, Dutty Artz will be releasing Geko Jones and Atropolis present: Palenque Records Remixed. New York City’s Que Bajo boss Geko Jones and Dutty Artz artist Atropolis, frequent visitors to Colombia, celebrate the Afro-Colombian roots music of Palenque by assembling an A-list of global talent (So Shifty, Captain Planet, Matt Shadetek, Chief Boima, Thornato, and more!) to remix the recordings of Lucas Silvaʼs Palenque Records. More on San Basilio de Palenque, the music, and the people involved with the project on the Dutty Artz website.

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promotional trailer which previews several of the album’s tracks

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