Last week Washington D.C.-bred, California-based rapper/producer Fong-Sai-U unleashed the visuals for Bad Guy, the self-produced first single from his forthcoming album Ballads Of A Massacre. An underground hip-hop veteran, Fong has collaborated with Black Thought, toured with The Roots and also produced a song for Guru of Gang Starr on his solo album Bald Head Slick.

We ran across him recently and tried to find out a bit more about his past and the upcoming album:

Who are you and what’s a typical day in your life looks like right now?

I go by the name Fong-Sai-U. Rap artist / producer. My typical day man? Right now just in the studio. If not writing to beats for my album I’m making beats for my album – I’m trying to stay focus on making a good product.

What struck us from your past achievements is that you produced the track OG Talk on Guru’s Bald Head Slick album. How was it working with Guru and any interesting stories you can tell us?

Working with guru was the best. Every session was like a party then, cause it was so many different people on that album dropping by. You never knew who was going stop through. How we met is a story in itself… Ok, so we on the OkayPlayer tour back in 2000. It was the second leg of it. His hype man chose to go off with some groupies in New Mexico, gets locked up and sent back to New York – he had some warrants. So I became his hype man the rest of tour. I would run up on the Roots set then do double duty lol!

You’re getting ready to release your album Ballads Of A Massacre in late spring. Can you tell us three things about your new record and
why we need to check it out?

Classic boom bap, a thrill RIDE from beginning to end, lyrical and I think its a breath off fresh air that snap your neck music. When I wrote Bad Guy, I was saying I’ll do what I have to do to survive without changing who I am. I’m from Washington D.C. so I want y’all to see the lyrical side, not just the street side. The whole world got kilos if you let some of these rappers tell it. These corporations are money to me, not a car or chain.

What are some things you associate with Brooklyn?

Jay-Z, good dive bars and the home to some good hip hop!


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