Daora: The Underground Sounds of Urban Brasil


Dao∙ra (adj.) Brasilian. Slang. 1. Sao Paulo term for something that’s dope.

Daora is a 32 track collection of the freshest hip-hop, leftfield beats, afrobeat and dub-influenced sounds from Brasil from Mais Um Discos, a UK based label that has become renowned for cherry picking the most exciting and original new sounds from 21st century Brasil.

Compiled by respected Sao Paulo beat-head Rodrigo Brandao – who has collaborated with members of The Roots, Afro-beat master Tony Allen, producer Prince Paul (De La Soul) and artists from the Ninja Tune and Big Dada stables – Daora features 32 tracks that represent the musicians, MCs and beat-heads making some of the most thrilling urban music in “the alternative lanes of Brasil’s third world megalopoli”.

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