Chan Dizzy – Calling All Girls


New York and Jamaica have had a strong relationship since a large Jamaican community started forming in New York in the 1970’s. This has made the city, especially Brooklyn an important axis in the formation and global popularization of Dancehall music during the 1980’s. But while one of the world’s most important cultural expressions grew up in their backyards, most Americans were not aware of its existence. Today, in the wake of several waves of popularization of Jamaican dancehall, a new generation of Americans – from outside the traditional immigrant strongholds – are strengthening the ties of contemporary Jamaican music to the American mainstream.

With the aim of helping bring Jamaican artists to the forefront of the latest wave of dancehall appreciation in the global mainstream, Dutty Artz is proud to bring you Chan Dizzy‘s hot club single “Calling All Girls,” on the Smakk Riddim (co-produced by Robzilla and Matt Shadetek.)

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