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Audio Texture

Audio Texture Radio Dec 9th

Some of Barcelona’s finest beat makers Debilorithmicos kicked off this week with another great release on their own Molts Records imprint and it’s a great thoughtful slice of beat craftmanship before things then went even mellower with the soundscape noodlings of Andrew Thomas and the delicate strains of Perter Broderick. El Kid then threw down a loose slice of fresh sounding and wobbly deep house before Downliners Sekt do what they do and took things to the outer musical realms.

Common is back with another album due anytime now and ‘Celebrate’ was a taste of it’s, seemingly more mainstream, intentions before East of Underground showed just because you’re paid to kill people it doesn’t mean you can’t sing. One of my pet favourites, Dub Colossus, are currently being given the remix treatement and the results being given away for free which is a result given the quality of the Wehgene remix. Doubleheart then dropped some deep and dirty bassline beats with only the most tenuous of links to the tracks ‘Salsa’ title.

A little mix then finished the show with the twisted disco delights of J.R. Plankton followed by the deeper than deep house tones of Vakula’s ‘Mama Said Go Slow’. Gagarin, given a little edit by Bass Clef, then livened up proceedings before Cessa’s ‘Nameless’ came through with a peak time, feelgood banger before Daddykshun closed the show in perfect emotional end of night style.


Debilorithmicos – Loser For You (Molts Records promo)
Andrew Thomas – Black Sky Bright Sun (Luftbeschaffenheit Air Texture)
Peter Broderick – Solace In Gala (Erased Tapes)
El Kid – Mud (Left Blank)
Downliners Sekt – Lorem Ipsum (Infine promo)
Common – Celebrate (Warner promo)
East Of Underground – Walk On By (Now Again promo)
Dub Colossus – Wehgene, Almamegretta Rmx (Real World freeload)
Doubleheart – Salsa (Nonplus)
J.R. Plankton – Sundance (Karaoke Kalk promo)
Vakula – Mama Said Go Slow (Firecracker)
Gagarin – Third Radio, Bass Clef edit (Geo)
Cessa – Nameless (Missing Link)
Daddykshun – Love To Learn (Ratio Music)

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