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Audio Texture

Audio Texture – June 10, 2013


Sweet reggae music from Willie Lindo started this weeks show from the new Beach Diggin’, aptly timed, summer soundtrack from Heavenly Sweetness. Frameworks then provided the beautiful stringy vocals from his great new EP with a little help from the wonderful Kathrin DeBoer. Modern interpretrations of the English folk tradition then followed first from old hands, The Memory Band who have just released a great new album on Static Caravan and then from relative new boy, Airhead whose new album on R&S is sure to be one of this years, thinking man’s, electronic highlights. High Wolf then brought the Gallic pysche before John Roberts laid down the horizontal machine vibes.

The Hidden Orchestra have been remixed on a new EP and Long Arm’s cinematic hip hop vibed twist is the pick which led nicely into the dub tickled Hey-O-Hansen remix of “Ode To Yakushima” just one of the many excellent tracks from the recent Springintgut album. All sorts of fusions then ensued firstly with some Blludd Relations the exciting new project of Jessie Hackett and Bullion, before Paul White displayed his diversity and virtuosity with “Watch The Ants” and Kelpe disorientated everyone with the twisted “Nice Eyes In My Size”.

Yosi Horikawa led the end of show uptempo vibes with his progressive tribal rhythms and his new album on First Word is well worth checking for some fresh musical beats and pieces. Gold Panda then followed with “Flinton” just one of the many rays of electronic musical sunshine from his new album on Ghostly which led nicely into “Distant Places” from the talented Magic Panda, surely a close relative? Okapii, a fresh, sweet sounding, young duo from Denmark then finished off the show in fine uplifiting sunshine style and we look forward to hearing much more from them.


Willie Lindo – Midnight (Heavenly Sweetness promo)
Frameworks – Breaks My Heart feat Kathrin DeBoer (First Word)
The Memory Band – As I Walked Over Salisbury Plain (Static Caravan)
Airhead – Autumn (R&S promo)
High Wolf – An Empire Upon An Empire (Not For Fun)
John Roberts – Chalkdust (Dial)
Hidden Orchestra – Reminder, Long Arm remix (Tru-Thoughts promo)
Springintgut – Ode To Yakushima, Hey-O-Hansen remix (Pingipung promo)
Blludd Relations – Up (Deek Records)
Paul White – Watch The Ants (One Handed Music)
Kelpe – Nice Eyes In My Size (Drut)
Yosi Horikawa – Grandpa (First Word promo)
Gold Panda – Flinton (Ghostly International)
Magic Panda – Distant Places (Tigerbeat6)
Okapii – Gattu (Okapii Music)

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