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Audio Texture

Audio Texture – February 11 2013


Really happy this week to start the show with some brand new Bilal and to announce he has signed to the good old boys at BBE Records for his new album due out in March and if the first single is anything to go by then we are all in for a big treat. Next up was some jazz from a fantastic new compilation on Heavenly Sweetness who have managed to unearth some incredible, forgotten, jazz gems from various dusty French vaults. BJ Smith then provided a stellar version of the Mos Def classic, “Umi Says” which led nicely into a modern day French future underground classic with the debut single fromThe Mardo Bump Society and for sure it’s got the Bump.

Following the Gallic theme Trevor and Lisa then provided a taste of their new album dropping soon and its full of no nonense soul, funk and hip hop flavours. DJ Rashad then kept the soul but updated the beats with some Chicago footwork freshness and probably the best single to come out of the windy city scene todate. Letherette is one of the newNinja golden boys with an album due later in the year. The first single is doing the rounds and as well as the original I’m loving the dance floor destroying Dorian Concept remix.Mycroft then took things into more cerebral, avant-garde territory which led nicely into the pysched out tribal ritual stylings of Super Jam.

Submerse then brought the show back to more familiar territory  somewhat with a pleasing combination of beats and melody before Setenta marked their return to the studio and for good measure threw Orando Julias into the mix, pure Afrolatin party vibes. Things then went all housey with a potential crossover smash from White Lampwhich led nicely into young German talent Max Graef with some help from Labuzinskibefore Adesse finished the show in superlative deep house style.


Bilal – Back To Love (BBE promo)
Les Prospections – Lide (Heavenly Sweetness promo)
BJ Smith – Umi Says (NuNorthern Soul)
The Mardo Bump Society – Orange Thievery (Sterophonk promo)
Trevor & Lisa – Soundshake (Favourite promo)
DJ Rashad – Rollin (Hyperdub promo)
Letherette – D&T, Dorian Concept rmx (Ninja Tune promo)
Mycroft – Green Leaf Lettuce (Nonine)
Super Jam Presents Upper Layer Cruisers – Directions Through The Midnight Maze (Not For Fun)
Submerse – Here’s Looking At You (Project Mooncircle promo)
Setenta – Guapeta (Hot Casa promo)
The White Lamp – Make It Good (Sonar Kolektiev promo)
Max Graef & Labuzinski – Wrakk (Tartelet promo)
Adesse – Baayi (Prime Numbers promo)

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