Aspects: Kings’ English


Almost two years ago, we discovered this guy from the UK that called himself Printer’s Devil and asked him to get in the studio for a guest mix and boy did he deliver! Fast forward two years and he just finished a mixtape for the band Aspects he’s in. The Bristol collective – three MCs and one DJ – formed back in 1996, and recently emerged from hibernation to work on some thrilling new material.

Kings’ English is a new mixtape, fusing the old with the new, the traditional with the staggeringly unfamiliar… In the end the band itself puts it best:

“Kings’ English is the pure cut’n’paste spirit of Hip Hop fused with the DNA of garage rock. Trapped under reels of mis-spliced tape and tangled cables, Printer’s Devil plundered, without remorse, a path from Bowie via Arcade Fire while stealing Afrika Bambaataa’s perfect beat on the way. Hosted from the belly of a decommissioned Russian sub, on three busted handheld mics and a Roland Space echo, this Pirate’s travelogue is a treasure chest of pilfered funk and unlicensed soul.”

DOWNLOAD Aspects: Kings English (courtesy of  Clash Magazine)

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