Top 10 of 2020 – Selected By OBaH of Recycled Funk

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We asked some of your favorite dj’s on the station to give the Select subscribers a little gift for the holiday season, and make a mix with their favorite tracks of the year. During the course of the next week, you will be served with a regular dose of top 10 mixes, starting today with your man OBaH of Recycled Funk.

OBaH- “Firstly I’d like to thank the wonderful folks at for their continued support of Recycled Funk and for providing me and numerous others with a platform that allows DJ’s & podcasters the opportunity to network and share music we love and our voices with a global audience. Secondly I’d like to thank you, the listener, for supporting this platform and by extension me and my Recycled Funk mix series. 2020 hasn’t been an easy year on so many fronts, and the entire music industry has Mos Def-inetely been hit hard by this year’s events. I sometimes wonder how many recording artist have delayed releases that were scheduled for 2020 or possibly scrapped a release all together due to the extreme shift in our collective society & culture. But in the same breath a lot of quality music was released this year, and the importance of music as a healing force, a voice, a shared emotion, a therapeutic form of entertainment may be more vital now than at any other time in our lives. It’s definitely helping me cope with a lot of things these days. I mean, music has always played a prominent role in my life, so I spent a good day reflecting/contemplating what 10 songs I wanted to showcase as my favorites of the year. The songs I chose are undeniably the ones that moved me the most, and made me hit that rewind button over & over again. I did my best to spread the wealth around and feature a variety of styles without confusing the overall vibe that is “Recycled Funk”. So please enjoy this, my 2020 musical mix gift to you, your friends/family/assoc. and thank you again for supporting independent outlets like p.s. a fun fact for you…since the year 2020 is typically referenced as “twenty-twenty” I thought it would be cool for my mix to equal that….meaning it’s a 40 minute mix (ain’t I clever, lol)

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