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First Word Records is an independent record label founded nearly 15 years ago in Leeds, England by DJ Gilla and Andy H, set-up to provide an outlet for musicians in the worlds of Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Beats and beyond that previously had no platform. Still run today by DJ Gilla, with the assistance of DJ BobaFatt, the label now operates out of Peckham in South London.

This 90 minute mix showcases tracks from the labels more recent releases and current roster, including Tall Black Guy, Eric Lau, Children of Zeus, Yazmin Lacey, Darkhouse Family and Kaidi Tatham, as well as a few classics from the label’s back-catalogue released over the years.

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Tall Black Guy – The Motor Is Running (2013)
Children of Zeus – Hoodman2Manhood (2018)
Children of Zeus ft. Terri Walker – Sling Shot Riddim (2018)
Yazmin Lacey – Something My Heart Trusts (2018)
Darkhouse Family – Just So You Know (2017)
Tall Black Guy ft. Masego & Rommel Donald – Peace and Love (2016)
Yosi Horikawa – Bump (2013)
Today’s Mathematics – Butterfly (2004)
Kaidi Tatham ft. Children of Zeus – Out Here On My Own (2018)
Yazmin Lacey – Body Needs Healing (2018)
Darkhouse Family – Modaji Suite (2017)
Homecut ft. Corinne Bailey Rae & Soweto Kinch – I Don’t Even Know (2009)
Essa ft. D’Ablo – Prayers Of A Non-Believer (2014)
Children of Zeus – Still Standing (2016)
Children of Zeus – Don’t Say A Word (2017)
Children of Zeus ft. LayFullStop – Fear Of A Flat Planet (2018)
Don Leisure – Souffle (2017)
Don Leisure – Cobra Water (2017)
Profusion – Time’s Up (2017)
Quiet Dawn ft. Oddisee & Catalina Bellizzi – New Dawn (Ohmega Watts remix) (2015)
Kaidi Tatham ft. Uhmeer – Cupid (2018)
Tall Black Guy ft. Moonchild – I Will Never Know (2016)
Myele Manzanza – Everybody Isn’t / A Long Walk (Live at The Blue Whale, LA) (2016)
Eric Lau – Dreams (2017)
Eric Lau – Harmonics (2017)
Eric Lau – Can I Get A Witness (2017)
Eric Lau – Bas (2017)
Teotima – Counting The Ways (2013)
Souleance ft. Von P – That Guy (2017)
Comfort Fit – Nitro (2013)
Mr Thing – Changes (2014)
Children of Zeus – All Night (2018)
Darkhouse Family – Journey To Love (2017)
kidkanevil ft. Andreya Triana – Good Morning, What’s New? (Capstone re-version) (2014)
Bastien Keb ft. Cappo – Fit Rare (2017)
Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra – African Kings (2010)
Ross McHenry – Sketch (2016)
Don Leisure – Tell Me (2017)
Children of Zeus – Tonight (2017)
The Haggis Horns – Traveller Part Two (2007)
Kaidi Tatham – It’s About Who You Know (2018)
Kaidi Tatham – Treacle Manifestations (2017)
Kaidi Tatham – Your Dreams Don’t Mean A Thing (2018)
Children of Zeus – Vibrations (Zed Bias remix) (2018)
Souleance – Bamboule (2017)
Ye Mighty – Fuse (2011)
Sarah Williams White – Hum (Quiet Dawn remix) (2015)
Myele Manzanza – Montara (Live at The Blue Whale, LA) (2016)
Yazmin Lacey – 90 Degrees (2018)

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