Soul Sound Supreme Session 29 (The RawSoul & Tango 006)

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The “Soul Sound Supreme Sessions” are selections of the finest jams from the past, present & future of any music genre. It’s all about the soulfulness and the groove…

Tango 006 is back to curates some of the sweetest late 80’s / early 90’s Street Soul, UK Soul, R&B and mellow grooves around! Cool down, unwind and feel the vibe as The RawSoul conducts the jams on this smooth ride!!!

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1.Ortheia Barnes – Till You Lose It
2.Mary Rose – Kp Moving
3.Routes In Jazz – Out In The Jungle
4.Trichelle – Midnight Lover
5.Stirling McLean – Midnight Love
6.Fifth Of Heaven – Just A Little More
7.Harlem Gem – All My Love
8.Harlem Gem – Let Me Love You
9.Lenny Dennis – I Wanna Touch U
10.Rohan Delano ft The Code – Intimate Connection
11.Ruby Turner – It’s Gonna Be Alright
12.The Chimes – True Love
13.Tekka ft Angelique – Didn’t You Notice
14.Uschi – Deeper
15.The Boom Tang Boys ft Chin Injeti – Love Trip
16.Kreuz – Heaven
17.Paul D.C. – Unofficial Business
18.Phalon – Rising To The Top
19.Plumer & Lee – Time Will Tell
20.Joseph Anthony ft Be la Key – Love Understanding
21.Bryan Powell – All My Love
22.Kyna – Love That Never Was
23.Sam – Look What You’ve Lost
24.Tashan – Save The Family
25.The Bygraves – Do The Right Thing
26.Guy S’Mone – Overjoy
27.Steve Prince – SUS
28.Dave Collins – Good Lovin
29.Debbie Malone – Good To You
30.Anthony Drakes – Cryin Lonely Tears
31.Yafeu – Gonna Be Alright
32.C.S. Lewis – Break The Circle
33.Shawn Pittman – Dreams
34.Paul D.C. – Obsession
35.Space Ghost ft Teddy Bryant – Heaven Sent
36.Keni Stevens – Cannot Live Without Your Love
37.Ruude – How Many Times
38.Sam – Life

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