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This mixtape is a collection of dope beats I collected last year. No real theme to it, but expect some dusty, blunted instrumentals and a small bunch of rap tracks. Perfect vibes for lighting up!  

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Contact Field Orchestra – Sluice Box Tavern
rxn – thx
Knowsum – Home
Bastien Keb – Pork Belly
Allen Poe – Memory
Sleepdealer – 1974
Dr Blaster – Green Mint
Szur – track011 (vibe to this at night)
SPELLWRKS – Super Chill
Byron The Aquarius – I Can See U
Professor Brian Oblivion – Numb Tongue
King I Divine – 9th Dimension
Bluestaeb – Message From The Inner City Blue
Mono Massive – Birds and Bees (Instrumental)
bugseed – to be there
Croup – Singularity
Tajima Hal – Glossy
Nepo – Hirngespinst
SPELLWRKS – Salami Rolls
Nino El Dino – Quit It
Oh No The Nite
Ray West – Thinker Girl
Professor Brian Oblivion – Help Me
Saito – Crates Digging
bugseed – katmandu
Szur – track009 (blaze to this at night)
Siam Slap
Pigeondust – Harps
L’Orange & Kool Keith – Twenty Fifty Three
Robot Orchestra – Divine Elegance
KLIM – Crickett
Red Martina – Outside
Def Dee – Keep Keep it On
Karlsson – Classic Sht
Red Martina – Seasons Change
Al Quetz – Zamal Chant
Circa 94 Beats – Flames Get Back
PackFM – Plucking Daisies (instrumental)
Def Dee – The Merc
Heather B – My Type (Kankick Remix)

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