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After more than seven years Oonops is celebrating his 150th jubilee episode of »Oonops Drops« on Brooklyn Radio!

As well as in his 100th show you know the deal: more guests than usual and always trying to top it.

Oonops starts with a little vinyl selection (intro cuts by DJ RObert Smith) including two world premiere tunes. His first guest is the one and only Krafty Kuts. He’s one of the key pioneers in the UK breakbeat and bass movement with more than 750.000 follower worldwide on FB! Next up is Beatvandals – a side project formed by Tim Utah of legendary samplists Utah Saints, who’s also co-running the label Bombstrikes with Mooqee followed by German DJ Crypt, master of the cuts and crew-member of Snowgoons before legendary Japanese beatmaker and DJ Mitsu the Beats (Gagle / Jazzy Sport), one third of the the japanese Hip Hop group Gagle from Sendai, Japan is ending the show!

Last surprise: a limited special vinyl 45 for this event by Slick Walk & Sneaky from Fingathing, DJ and beatproducer Avantgarde Vak from South Korea and drummer Toshiyuki Sasaki from Japanese Jazz Trio Nautilus is coming out very soon! Pre-Order starts on 1st April on Bandcamp.

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DOWNLOAD Oonops Drops – 150

Oonops – Mixcloud / Instagram / Bandcamp
Krafty Kuts – Website
Beatvandals – Soundcloud
DJ Crypt – Website
DJ Mitsu the Beats – Twitter / Instagram


OONOPS MIX PART (0:00 min – 41:39 min)
01 Slick Walk x Sneaky – Bird’s Lament [Oonops Drops] 02 Jabar Ligla – 1234
03 Jazz Suspects – Ba Dada
04 Trew – Kamaal & The Gang (Take A Break Remix)
05 Chaka Khan – Like Sugar (Shuggy Edit)
06 King Most – Golden Lady
07 Little Kids – The Influence
08 Paul Sitter – Galvanize
09 Jocelyn Brown – Somebody Else’s Guy (DJ Moar Edit)
10 Cat Boys featuring Asuka Ando – Gypsy Woman (DJ Koco Remix)
11 Delfonic & Kapote – Lightspeed
12 Gyedu-Blay Ambolley – Footprints
KRAFTY KUTS GUEST MIX (41:39 min – 1:11:20 min)
13 No tracklist
BEATVANDALS GUEST MIX (1:11:20 min – 1:41:26 min)
14 Beatvandals Intro
15 Beatvandals – Funky Sounds
16 Alexander Norman Ft Dynamite MC – Flamingo (Beatvandals Remix)
17 Ali B & Nick Thayer – N E Way
18 Beatvandals – Sensation Banger
19 Beatvandals & A Skillz – Beat Don’t Stop (Adams VIP Mix)
20 Discotron – My Nu Joint
21 Ali B – Music Saves Me (Beatvandals Mix)
22 Prosper & Stabfinger – Dopeness (Beatvandals Mix)
23 Mooqee & Beatvandals – Player
24 Tom Booze – Some Funk
25 A Skillz – Everything To Me
26 Krafty Kuts – Superbad
27 Beatvandals & A Skillz – Brick Bomb
28 Chaka Khan – Like Sugar – (Mikeandtess Edit 4 Mix)
DJ CRYPT GUEST MIX (1:41:26 min – 2:13:46 min)
29 No tracklist
DJ MITSU THE BEATS GUEST MIX (1:41:26 min – 2:44:22 min)
30 DJ Mitsu the Beats – botmsp with 1Co.INR beat2
31 DJ Mitsu the Beats – Forest Hill
32 DJ Mitsu the Beats – b.n.t.m. beats14
33 DJ Mitsu the Beats – Downfall
34 DJ Mitsu the Beats – Front Row
35 DJ Mitsu the Beats – Down To Buisiness
36 DJ Mitsu the Beats – Untitled
37 DJ Mitsu the Beats – 8 a.m.
38 DJ Mitsu the Beats – Nightfall
39 DJ Mitsu the Beats – Going Home
40 Gagle – Flow (Instrumental)

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