Juan Deuce – No Sweat (Mixtape)


Ricky Shabazz & the Boom Bap Boys and Juan Deuce recently released a new mixtape called No Sweat. Juan flexes over the diverse production, showcasing his growing lyrical muscles with a little help from fellow New Englanders Jon Hope, Romen Rok, and Dj Emoh Betta. Stream, download, share and enjoy!


1. The Draft (Produced by Falside)
2. Right on Red (Produced by J57)
3. People ft Romen Rok (Produced by Falside)
4. Falling Down (Produced by Fonzi Wells)
5. .38 Special (Produced by The Audible Doctor)
6. Larry Sellers (Produced by Falside)
7. Left You (Produced by The Audible Doctor)
8. Shred (Produced by Fonzi Wells)
9. Freeze (Produced by Fonzie Wells)
10. Menahan ft Jaysonic (Produced by Falside)
11. Yuro Produced by (The Doppelgangaz)
12. Show Me Love ft Jon Hope (Produced by ACB)
13. Back Stroke (Produced by Fakts One)
14. Cutlass (Produced by J57)
15. Jimmy Buffet (Produced by ACB)
16. Reverie (Produced by pJAYd)
17. Valet (Produced by Falside + pJAYd)
18. Clay On Words Produced by Falside

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