#HeavyRotation Volume 1

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Access to an infinite amount of music can be overwhelming. We believe that music curation made by actual humans, not algorithms, is more important than ever. We are proud to have multiple dj’s and selectors on the station who do this beautifully.

Tu push the curation a little bit further, we have two new sections on the website:
#HeavyRotation – New releases that we believe deserve a few spins
#PickOfTheWeek – Our favorite project of the week

Don’t expect fancy write-ups, only useful links to stream and buy your favorite projects. Since we are a radio station first, we will put out compilations to reflect these two new sections, with a collection of one song from every project selected. Hope you enjoy the first #HeavyRotation of many to come!

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Peter Brown – Without love
Dakim – Blank air
10.4 Rog – Do it for a tension
Kassa Overall feat. Joel Ross & Theo Croker – Please don’t kill me
Gas Lab feat. Marcelo Gallo – Jazz room
Ssaladd – G.A.N.
The Heliocentrics – Hanging by a thread
Bluestaeb & S. Fidelity present Underground Canopy – Stoopid game
Stretch & Bobbito and The M19s Band – Anna from woohside
Pep Love – Bestfest
Submerse feat. Devin Morrison & Pink Siifu – Flashback
Haadoob feat. Wordsworth – You choose
Dr. MaD – Fraicheur (Borey & Dave)
Children Of Zeus – Get what’s yours
J.Lamotta – Shugah Boi (Sweet William remix)
Rejoicer feat. iogi – Up in flames
Son Little – Suffer

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