#FreshTaste – Drew Dave “Full Circle”

Take a look at the visual of the new single from Drew Dave “Full Circle”. The album “SynthBASED” is due February 24th on a label that brings quality projects one after another; Mello Music Group. With what we had the chance to hear from the album, this is going to be one of the best instrumental records of 2015.

Drew Dave on “SynthBASED” taken from www.undergroundhiphop.com where you can pre-order the album.

“SynthBASED is a concept album. It’s a soul, kind of jazzy, with some electronic elements, kind of album, w/ the common denominator being that every single track utilizes a synth bass. The synth saw bass to be specific. The title derives from that, with the “BASED” just being a play on “bass” and Lil B’s “Based God” ideology. For me, this album has really been the 1st honest attempt, and definitely the beginning, of me really stepping outside of solely sampling. I played with melodies and incorporated live instrumentation and percussion. I played out every bassline, did some slight stuff on the keys, and laid subtle harmonies. And then I had my good friend Drew Kid play some additional melodies and chords throughout the album. Then another dope producer, Charlie Ross from Soular Heights, did the live drums on “FullCircle.” So it was definitely me using my resources to make the album as complete as I could. From turning instrumental from just beats, into actual compositions.”

Pre-order link: http://www.undergroundhiphop.com/drew-dave-synthbased/MMG00061LP/

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