Explora Phones


Great news for anyone visiting Brooklyn – in fact the whole United States – this year. Explora is a smartphone rental service which delivers a convenient and cost-effective communication and travel guide solution that eliminates the complexities and high costs associated with international roaming, all for a flat-rate of $8 per day. My friend tried it himself in early May when visiting the city and loved it.

Basically for a flat rate of 8$/day, you will get an Android phone sent to your arrival address (hotel or residential) with:

  • Unlimited nationwide talk & text
  • Unlimited 4G data
  • Over 40 pre-loaded apps incl. international calling and messaging apps to stay connected with family and friends (Skype, WhatsApp, etc).

No nasty surprises on your bill, no extra usage charges! And when you’re heading back to the airport, you simply return the phone in the enclosed pre-paid return envelope at any FedEx center.

For all our Brooklyn Radio fans, Explora is giving 10% off its service until the end of May. So take the $8 per day phone rentals and make them $7.20 per day. If you know anyone travelling to the US soon, please feel free to share the following offer code with them!

Head over to www.exploraphones.com and use the coupon code “BFF” when you reserve.

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