Dubokaj Alpine Dub Documentary

Dubokaj is a name that’s slowly becoming a regular in the Digi-Dub pantheon, appearing alongside Rhythm & Sound, Kevin Martin, the Jahtari Crew, Tour De Force etc. Heads were definitely taking note when he finally dropped his debut LP. We’re quite certain that the man will be known for properly introducing the concept of Alpine Dub to the genre’s lexicon, and putting Switzerland on the map as far as the magic of the echo chamber in music is concerned. We are happy to share a mini documentary on the analog processes that went into making Alpine Dub, and also a brand new track from his upcoming Re Dub record of the same name, which will be dropping on January 13th.

Brooklyn Radio: Mr Dubokaj, what’s good?

Dubokaj: I just came back from Johannesburg South Africa where I recorded some new tracks. I got to play some shows there and also here, in Switzerland. We also finished this documentary about the making of the Alpine Dub record. I wanted to show the world how my laptop edits were transformed into this fully analogue experience, by us recording live dub sessions. I still need to push this beautiful orange vinyl that we have, so I thought this might also help! I’m also getting ready to drop my new LP called Alpine Dub Re Dub, which will be out on the 13th of January with versions and re dubs of Alpine Dub tracks and some new material.


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