This mix celebrates my my memory of rocking to De La Soul during the 90’s in Brooklyn, NY. They were and still are fresh to def, minus that sucka shit. Support them by going to to cause they are legends in changing the game up. While in the flow, I decided to reinterpret my tribute by adding special music treats, giving most of the tracks a little something different for u to enjoy… sounds like ear candy!¬†Gibril Kuyateh | Bk All Day

DOWNLOAD De La Soul 25TH Anniversary Remix Xperience


The GiKu Experience – Intro Skit
Intro Skit – De La Soul
De La Soul – Brain Washed Follower GiKu Remix
De La Soul – Buddy ft. Jungle Brothers GiKu Remix
De La Soul – Me Myself and I GiKu Remix
De La Soul – Saturdays GiKu Remix
De La Soul – Kicked Out The House GiKu Remix w/ A 2am Track
De La Soul – Intro Remix
De La Soul – Pass The Plug
De La Soul – In The Woods
De La Soul – Freedom Of Speak
De La Soul – Words From The Chief Rocker GiKu Remix
De La Soul – Oodles of O’s GiKu Remix
De La Soul – Set The Mood ft. Indeed GiKu Remix
De La Soul – Simply Havin
De La Soul – Held Down ft Cee-Lo
De La Soul – Reverend Do Good
De La Soul – Bitties In The BK Lounge
De La Soul – Ring Ring Ring
De La Soul – Skit 5
GiKu – Outro

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