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Symphony Sessions

Symphony Suite 2 (212 pill)

Originally released by the “more beats > less sleep” collective in April of this year, mosart212 is sharing on Brooklyn…

Symphony Suite 1

Mosart212 is back with a 30 minutes suite of lo-fi beats. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD Symphony Suite 1 Tracklist: Mars brothers –…

Stop That Mix

Mosart212 is back, after a little hiatus, with a new Symphony Sessions. DOWNLOAD Stop That Mix


Mosart212 presents the last Symphony Sessions of 2017. Get in! DOWNLOAD Curioucity Symphony Sessions 1

Education Thru The Ages

Mosart212 back with a tasty selection of beats and other things. DOWNLOAD Education Thru The Ages

It Is What It Is And Its Confusing

Mosart212 back in the driving seat with another Symphony Session! DOWNLOAD It Is What It Is And Its Confusing

Symphony Sessions – Dating Advice

Mosart212 gives dating advice in musical form on his new Symphony Session! DOWNLOAD Symphony Sessions – Dating Advice


Tasty selection of beats by our man Mosart212! DOWNLOAD Symphony Sessions – Remember

The Bong Song

New Symphony Sessions – chock full of fresh beats, haunted atmospheres and vintage vocal snippets – courtesy of Mosart212. DOWNLOAD Symphony…

The Tensions

You know what it is – Mosart212 on the controllers, guiding you through through the valley of the beats! DOWNLOAD Symphony Sessions…