Rather than us trying to come up with interesting words to make you want to listen to this fresh guest mix, why not let the good man Mogpaws himself speak a bit?

Hello Brooklyn Radio absorbers, A mix to you via Toronto. A sonic injection to ease that urge to smack the brutish & uncivil members of society. Being overly polite is a detriment to surviving on this planet. Being a rude, self-absorbed pile of turd is worse. Going from A to B with enthusiasm and determination is a respectable human goal which can be achieved while being courteous.

All too often we might be in such a hurry that we let a door slam in someone’s face or we pull a dubious traffic move without giving a wave of appreciation. We’ll cut people off while they’re talking or push by slowpokes without saying “excuse me”. Using a few manners is sexy and has little impact on our schedule. Of course people who like good music are always respectful.

Let’s start this mix with the well-mannered NYC lad known as Action Bronson. I hope it hits the spot. Image from a wall by a dollar store in Toronto…

DOWNLOAD Mogpaws – Beg Your Pardon


Action Bronson ft.Meyhem Lauren & Big Body Bes – Falconry
J Live – Pay it Forward
Oddisee – That’s Love
Super 3 – When You’re Standing on the Top (DJ Day edit)
Scrimshire – Margie Moves Mountains
Sade – Nothing Can Come Between Us (Pomo rmx)
Little Dragon – Cat Rider (Poolside Rmx)
Sacha Williamson – Blame
The SEVENth – 13th Hour
Henry Wu – Don’t Want the Regular
Oshi – Hang On
Madlib – Cue 2
Jesse Futerman – Get Down
Moodprint – 96 Juknow!
THEESatisfaction – Seattle’s Restraining Order Against the Sun
Kendrick Lamar – Mamma
Mello Music Group ft.Yu & Tall Black Guy – Lose the Ground
Action Bronson ft.Party Supplies & Black Atlass – A Light in the Addict
Mo Kolours – Sumerian Mother
Flako – Payaso

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