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All Day Jam

alldayjam 003

I’m broadcasting live from the land of no wifi, days look like one another, different city same clothes, little sleep same woes. I recorded this one on the backseat of a van crossing France to get to Paris in time. Lots of sharp turns, missed exits, low battery warnings, speeding tickets and talks about my accent. Pretty sure I got electrocuted twice because of the low-quality converter I brought along.

Offbeat tracks, Tupperware leftovers but, always a touch of soul.

I hope we make it back to Canada.

Happy birthday brit, I luv u – c u in Portugal bonita

This is @alldayjam
Keep it locked.

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Maxwell Owin & Xenia Manasseh feat. Joe Armon-Jones – Probably Never
Yazmin Lacey_Morning Matters
Kofi Stone – Talk About Us ft. Ady Suleiman
Born To Love (Feat. Nina Rae)_Kenny Keys
Blood Orange – Hope (feat. Puff Daddy & Tei Shi)
Mac Miller – Dang! ft. Anderson .Paak (See Dee Remix)
Wayne Valentine_ilish[87] Duke Hugh – Zoe
Liv.e – LazyEaterBetsOnHerLikeness
Appolonie – Used (DmonK RMX)
BRBR_Wake Up And Im 45
Miles Singleton_Sunshine (feat. Dylan.Negativ)
Dufresne_This song was appropriated
Velvetian Sky – Shmoneyonmymind
Allen Meller – Moin Qui Bizin Travail
Dariés Street – Soul – Edges (Skit)
Saulo Duarte – Estrela d’água
DPAT_Blush (Interlude)
Ego Ella May_How Long ‘Til We’re Home
Mistreated_Five Stars of Baltimore

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