30th Anniversary Recap – Part 2 (Remixes, B-Sides, Classics & Forgotten Gems)

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Finally, the second recap of the 30th Anniversary mix series is here, covering 15 albums that came out in the second quarter of 1991. Other than the classic cuts and some forgotten gems, we dig deep into every 12 inch singles to play the best remixes and b-sides related to those LP’s. The result is 49 tracks and more than 150 minutes of music!

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Selected by The RawSoul & Mr Dan
Mixed by The RawSoul


1.N.W.A. – The Days Of Wayback
2.Chubb Rock – Just The Two Of Us (Clark’s Cool Out Mix)
3.Michie Mee & L.A . Luv – Jamaican Funk (Canadian Style)
4.Michie Mee & L.A . Luv – You’re Feisty
5.Dream Warriors & Gang Starr – I Lost My Ignorance And Don’t Know Where To Find It (Gang Starr Remix)
6.Dream Warriors – My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style (The Next Definition)
7.Chubb Rock – Cat
8.Soul II Soul – Courtney Blows
9.Sway & King Tech – Concrete Jungle
10.Suprême NTM – Soul Soul (NTM Mix)
11.Suprême NTM – Le monde de demain
12.3rd Bass – Derelicts Of Dialect (Original & SD50 Mix)
13.The 9th Creation – Rule Of Mind
14.Rhythm Heritage – Theme From S.W.A.T.
15.3rd Bass – Portrait Of The Artist As A Hood (Remix)
16.KMD – Nitty Gritty (Dog Spelled Backwards Mix)
17.Terminator X – Juvenile Delinquintz (Remix Radio Version)
18.Terminator X – Back To The Scene Of The Bass (Remix Version)
19.Terminator X – Buck Whylin
20.Son Of Bazerk – J Dubs Theme
21.Kool Moe Dee – Mo Better
22.Kool Moe Dee – Death Blow
23.Maestro Fresh-Wes – Nothin’ At All
24.O’Donel Levy – We’ve Only Just Begun
25.Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Mecca & The Soul Brother (Original & Wig Out Mix)
26.De La Soul – Pass The Plugs
27.De La Soul – Oodles Of O’s
28.KMD – Plumskinzz
29.KMD – Haircut Interlude
30.KMD – Peachfuzz
31.KMD – Who Me
32.Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Good Life
33.De La Soul – Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)
34.Dream Warriors – U Never Know A Good Thing Till U Lose It
35.Dream Warriors – Wash Your Face In My Sink
36.Pete Rock & CL Smooth – The Creator
37.Chubb Rock – Treat Em Right
38.Chubb Rock – The Chubbster (Clark’s Radio Joint & Clark’s Smooth Haus)
39.Basil Hardhouse – City Streets (Dub)
40.Sway & King Tech – Follow 4 Now (Ken Lou Dub, Masters At Work Mix & Radio Remix)
41.De La Soul – A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays
42.Maestro Fresh-Wes – Conductin’ Thangs
43.Son Of Bazerk – Change The Style
44.Ice T – Lifestyles Of The Rich And Infamous (DJ Premier Remix)
45.Ice T – New Jack Hustler
46.Ice T – O.G. Original Gangster
47.N.W.A. – Real Niggaz
48.N.W.A. – Always Into Something
49.Tom Scott – Sneakin’ in The Back

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