YC the Cynic – Hallelujah


Fresh off his successful Kickstarter campaign, New York City-based YC The Cynic teamed up with MTV Hive to bring you a new song, called Hallelujah. Even though this song isn’t on the album, it is indicative of the sound, and direction that he’s going in – lyrically and sonically.

”It shows the youth lashing out. Being insensitive and closed to things like religion, the N-word, etc. Basically anything that happened before this very moment. I know so many people like that. This is exactly who I am today: musically, visually, as a person. It’s directly in line with the album, even though it’s not on it. This is the sort of thing you can expect.”

His album GNK arrives this summer. Stream and download “Hallelujah” below:

(via MTV Hive)

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