Why Deep House Music is So Good for Concentration

For many decades, scientists have sought to investigate the impact of music on the brain. However, in the past, these scientists have used classical music written by the likes of Mozart to gauge its effect on our mind. It is true that listening to Mozart’s compositions makes us smarter but listening to any music can have the same effect.

So, does that suggest the various subgenres of house music and electronic music can focus the mind and aid concentration, too? According to a recent article on Entrepreneur.com, yes, it does. It states that “ambient electronica” such as deep house and ambient house are ideal for any activities that require sustained focus and concentration. That’s because the music is “present but unobtrusive.”

Take a classical piece of music as an example. There are usually several highs and lows as the tune ebbs and flows to its conclusion. However, with downtempo, deep house music, the repetitive patterns and meandering ambient soundtracks indeed help to stimulate the mind and improve concentration without being distractive. Given the lack of emotional highs and lows in a deep house track, the release of the body’s pleasure chemical, dopamine, is not as prevalent as with other electronica that places a significant emphasis on peaks and drops. Programming such as J Boogie’s Dubtronic Radio show, which often features a blend of nu-disco and deep house releases, therefore, help to keep the brain on an even keel.

As a result, deep house is quite popular among students looking to focus and remain conscientious for long periods. The repetition of rhythms helps students to zone out when revising for exams or even to focus when writing an essay or carrying out some research. It is also a popular choice of music for poker professionals to listen to at the tables. You’ll often see players wearing big headphones, and many of them will listen to deep house music. A typical session length for those playing cards can be more than 90 minutes, making it crucial to find ways to stay focused on the action and eliminate outside interferences.

Taking all this into consideration, it’s little surprise that we get lots of satisfaction out of listening to deep house music. While it may not inspire the same passion and euphoria as other forms of electronic dance music, its calming, soothing influence is equally infectious.

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