Wally Clark – Sportin’ Waves


93 Still creator Wally Clark is back with a new album Sportin’ Waves, available on limited edition Cassette Tape. The Nashville native, who founded Gummy Soul in 2008, combines Tennessee’s rich history of Soul music, with his love of Hip-Hop, to create a feel that is both new, and from another time. On Sportin’ Waves, Clark uses his smokey voice, to seduce the listener with Southern charm and effortless wit. The result is a moody, sexually charged album, full of clever tales that are funny, yet lyrically advanced, and filled with inebriated wisdom.

“As I get older, I see more and more of the younger rappers who have no idea about this music… It’s more or less just a fun way of updating something for people who’ve never heard it. It’s a way to touch the past and to get people interested in it.”

Check out BandCamp’s feature story here, pour yourself a drink, kick your feet up, and relax to Sportin’ Waves.

For a limited time, if you purchase Sportin’ Waves on cassette, it comes with a commemorative hair-net. All orders come with a download code. Get the Cassette HERE.

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